Bespoke AV furniture can include custom made TV stands to whole range of AV cabinets to house your hifi and other Audio Visual equipment and requirements may include colour schemes, the type of material use, adequate ventilation facilities, infra-red receivers and emitters, and LED lighting facilities. There are many things to take into account when looking at ordering bespoke AV furniture, for example on a very simple level you need to think about whether you prefer wood or metal furniture. If you choose wood then do you want a solid wood design or MDF and a wooden veneer.

In the case of of TV cabinets you need to consider the size of the television, including the depth as well as the height and width.

General advice from AV equipment suppliers is that the ideal environment for their products to remain in best working condition is a cool room, on a level surface and ideally the speakers should be positioned away from the main equipment, this is because the apparatus may consist of tiny metal parts assembled together and speaker vibration can sometimes cause problems when operating at high volumes. In some cases the ideal would be to have the speakers in another room, obviously this is not always possible or desired and so suppliers have designed several systems to protect against these vibrations. These include bespoke AV furniture with rubber mounted isolators and oak-coned feet. The other option especially with high-end hi-fi is to place the actual equipment in a sealed cabinet and then put the speakers on separate shelves with rubber insulation or spikes on the feet and away from the hi-fi.

If the components of the system are stacked on top of each other, there is a degree of electromagnetic emission that can sometimes cause interference which can lead to a humming noise as the components oscillate. For this reason it sometimes require some components to be placed at least 50 mm apart or have some shielding in-between them.

AV equipment operate best operating at their optimum temperature and overheating can cause problems. Electricity causes heat as it passes through a conductor and the hotter the conductor gets the less efficient it is and so it is vitally important to keep audio visual equipment operating at an optimal temperature, cabinets need to provide enough ventilation facilities to allow cool air to circulate and heat to escape.

Most AV equipment use remote controls with an infra-red beam to adjust the controls, this beam must be able to penetrate the cabinet . The easiest solution is to have a glass front door as this allows the infra-red signal to pass through. If wood cabinet doors are used then there may be a requirement for an infra-red repeater to be fitted, although these can be prone to interference from other equipment in the room.

Bespoke furniture gives you exactly what you want and can match the decor of your home as well as be unique in design. When considering any custom made AV furniture make sure it not only looks good but also protects the equipment to be stored in it and allows easy installation with access to cables and wires.

Alcove Designs of London are cabinet makers and specialise in creating AV furniture and general carpentry, we work closely with specialist Audio Visual companies to ensure that our cabinets meet their requirements with regard to cable access and air flow for the system being installed.
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