Living Room


Space saving, bespoke furniture and alcove cupboards built-in to fit your loungeOur carpenters have earned a successful track record, working with bespoke furniture, and fitting custom-made cupboards and shelves into all kinds of irregular spaces inside London properties. Our experience enables us to overcome the challenges presented by any alcove, corner or awkward space – wider at the front than the back, with side walls which are not parallel, nor plumb, and floors which have never been level – we have seen it all and overcome each and every one, to the satisfaction of our long client list.

Thank you very much. I am extremely pleased with the cupboards and shelves. They look excellent.


Enhance the feeling of space


We still take great pride in our period styles but many of your cupboards today reflect cleaner simpler interior styles, with flush doors, hidden hinges, push catches and unobtrusive mouldings. Floating shelves with hidden fixings painted to match the walls will enhance the feeling of space and still display the things that please you. Simple fitted shelf sections are better to use all the available space for storing your book and music collections.

TV and Audio Cabinets


Provision for the clutter associated with Audio Visual equipment has been central to our furniture from the beginning, safely hiding away wires, consoles, headphones and game controllers. Your Television can still be hidden away, on a simple extending swivel, an electric lift or behind sliding doors but it is more likely to be the Sky box, DVD player, game console and internet router that take up the cupboard space today. Our experience, gained from working closely with specialist AV companies, means we can install infra-red eyes to control these accessories without opening the doors and install vents or automatic fans to disperse the heat.

As London cabinet makers specialising in creating AV furniture and AV cabinets and general carpentry, Alcove Designs work closely with specialist Audio Visual companies to make sure there is sufficient cable access and air flow for the system being installed and stage our fitting to allow all the cabling and installation testing to be completed before we complete the finer details of the furniture.

Future automation
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