The details are important whether you are buying cupboards and shelves or going for gold in Rio.


The first week of the Olympics is over and has confirmed a lesson we can all learn from sport; just how narrow the margins are between those that achieve Gold and the rest. I feel inspired by the effort and dedication the likes of Adam Peaty put into reaching their goals. After years of a repetitive grind, getting up at 4am to get to the pool to train, Adam Peaty won the first gold for Team GB. He is said to be in a class of his own yet he won by just 1.56 seconds. The attention to the detail of every part of his performance is mind-boggling. A minuscule improvement in style is practised relentlessly until it becomes second nature. While each detail alone may not make the difference or be noticeable to the casual viewer together they add up to something greater that makes the difference.

The detail for us starts with our first visit.


We start with questions to confirm what we are being asked to do will give the result that our customer is trying to achieve. Our years of experience may mean we are able suggest something that had not been considered.

Often the furniture’s function will change over time. For example a crockery cupboard may only need to be 300mm deep with a couple of adjustable shelves. If it is to be used as a Hi Fi cabinet at some time it will need to be deeper, have cable access between the shelves to electrical sockets and be vented to prevent the components over heating.

Children’s rooms change over time. Initially you may need a changing table, then space where boxes of toys can be stowed away neatly and low level bookshelves for oversize books that can be easily reached. When school starts to get serious, a place to study and keep the bags ready for the morning rush. As children become teenagers the room may need to resemble a bedsit where they can entertain their friends. The wardrobes initially may have a couple of hanging rails quite close together but as they grow the space between them needs to increase. Fitting adjustable shelves in conjunction with the rails utilises all the space at all times.

For our furniture too, the casual viewer may not appreciate the differences such as where we have used screws instead of a staple gun and fixed shelves into a rebate rather than just butting them up to the side. These details ensure our furniture is solidly built to prevent cracks in the paint so your finished job looks good for years not months.
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