Transform your bedroom and increase the value of your home with fitted wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture. To get more and efficient storage from the same space for less money, consider these design tips. Style Ignored features such as picture rails and cornices will make your bedroom look and feel smaller when fitted with bespoke wardrobes. To prevent the feeling of a vast box looming over you when in bed and to retain the scale and proportion of your room avoid building to the ceiling. Wardrobe top boxes are normally used for storing empty suitcases and winter duvets that could be better stored in the attic or under your bed.

If  it is essential storage space prepare to pay more for the extra doors and a lot more for replacing original cornicing around the wardrobe. Never just leave a break in the cornice it is bad design that looks wrong and thus lowers the value of your home.

To get the most out of the space in your fitted bespoke wardrobes and save money do not be seduced by extras such as pull out racks, and clever little trays that take up more room than they save. These items are only of value if they give access to awkward to reach spaces.
A family heirloom chest of drawers or one batch produced from a good quality furniture maker will often be cheaper than those taking up hanging space in bespoke wardrobes.
Keep it simple, men want double hanging rails for suits, jackets, shirts and trousers with a few shelves for folded T-shirts and sweaters. Women need a similar layout but with space for longer dresses and a few extra shelves for shoes.

Build quality

To stop wardrobe doors warping the better manufacturers use a traditional frame and panel construction method. Avoid heavy unstable slabs of mdf with a panel mould glued onto it to mimic the frame and panel style, it looks cheap and misses the point completely.
Doors will drop and stick if the hinges fail. Butt hinges cut in and attached to solid door posts are much less likely to cause problems and need adjusting in the future. Too few concealed hinges will allow doors to move and clash with the adjacent door.

Bonus mistake to avoid:
Interior rough unfinished edges catch threads and surfaces that cannot be easily
cleaned leave dirty marks that will ruin your clothes. Make sure the interior surfaces
and edges have smooth sprayed wipe clean surfaces.
I hope you found these tips useful as you can see there are a few things to consider
when developing a project to refit you bedroom with fitted wardrobes and other fitted
bedroom furniture, if you need additional information

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